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pocketmine\item\LegacyStringToItemParser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (private ItemDataUpgrader $itemDataUpgrader, private ItemDeserializer $itemDeserializer)
 addMapping (string $alias, string $id)
 getMappings ()
 parse (string $input)

Protected Member Functions

 reprocess (string $input)

Detailed Description

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This class replaces the functionality that used to be provided by ItemFactory::fromString(), but in a more dynamic way. Avoid using this wherever possible. Unless you need to parse item strings containing meta (e.g. "dye:4", "351:4") or item IDs (e.g. "351"), you should prefer the newer StringToItemParser, which is much more user-friendly, more flexible, and also supports registering custom aliases for any item in any state.

WARNING: This class does NOT support items added during or after PocketMine-MP 5.0.0. Use StringToItemParser for modern items.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

pocketmine\item\LegacyStringToItemParser::__construct ( private ItemDataUpgrader  $itemDataUpgrader,
private ItemDeserializer  $itemDeserializer 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ addMapping()

pocketmine\item\LegacyStringToItemParser::addMapping ( string  $alias,
string  $id 

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◆ getMappings()

pocketmine\item\LegacyStringToItemParser::getMappings ( )
string[] @phpstan-return array<string, string>

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◆ parse()

pocketmine\item\LegacyStringToItemParser::parse ( string  $input)

Tries to parse the specified string into Item types.

Example accepted formats:

  • diamond_pickaxe:5
  • minecraft:string
  • 351:4 (lapis lazuli ID:meta)
LegacyStringToItemParserExceptionif the given string cannot be parsed as an item identifier

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◆ reprocess()

pocketmine\item\LegacyStringToItemParser::reprocess ( string  $input)

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