PocketMine-MP 5.15.1 git-fb9a74e8799c71ed8292cfa53abe7a4c9204629d
pocketmine\plugin Namespace Reference


class  ApiVersion
class  DisablePluginException
class  DiskResourceProvider
class  PharPluginLoader
interface  Plugin
class  PluginBase
class  PluginDescription
class  PluginDescriptionCommandEntry
class  PluginDescriptionParseException
class  PluginException
class  PluginGraylist
class  PluginLoadabilityChecker
interface  PluginLoader
class  PluginLoadTriage
class  PluginLoadTriageEntry
class  PluginLogger
class  PluginManager
interface  PluginOwned
interface  ResourceProvider
class  ScriptPluginLoader


enum  PluginEnableOrder { fromString }


 __construct (Plugin $owningPlugin)
 getOwningPlugin ()


trait PluginOwnedTrait

Detailed Description

Plugin related classes

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ PluginEnableOrder

TODO: These tags need to be removed once we get rid of LegacyEnumShimTrait (PM6) These are retained for backwards compatibility only.

@method static PluginEnableOrder POSTWORLD() @method static PluginEnableOrder STARTUP()

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Function Documentation

◆ __construct()

pocketmine\plugin\__construct ( Plugin  $owningPlugin)

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◆ getOwningPlugin()

pocketmine\plugin\getOwningPlugin ( )

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Variable Documentation

◆ PluginOwnedTrait

trait pocketmine::plugin\PluginOwnedTrait
Initial value:
private $owningPlugin
See also

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