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pocketmine\item\VanillaItems Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static getAll ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static register (string $name, Item $item)
static setup ()

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@method static Boat ACACIA_BOAT() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor ACACIA_SIGN() @method static ItemBlock AIR() @method static Item AMETHYST_SHARD() @method static Apple APPLE() @method static Arrow ARROW() @method static BakedPotato BAKED_POTATO() @method static Bamboo BAMBOO() @method static Banner BANNER() @method static Beetroot BEETROOT() @method static BeetrootSeeds BEETROOT_SEEDS() @method static BeetrootSoup BEETROOT_SOUP() @method static Boat BIRCH_BOAT() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor BIRCH_SIGN() @method static Item BLAZE_POWDER() @method static BlazeRod BLAZE_ROD() @method static Item BLEACH() @method static Item BONE() @method static Fertilizer BONE_MEAL() @method static Book BOOK() @method static Bow BOW() @method static Bowl BOWL() @method static Bread BREAD() @method static Item BRICK() @method static Bucket BUCKET() @method static Carrot CARROT() @method static Armor CHAINMAIL_BOOTS() @method static Armor CHAINMAIL_CHESTPLATE() @method static Armor CHAINMAIL_HELMET() @method static Armor CHAINMAIL_LEGGINGS() @method static Coal CHARCOAL() @method static Item CHEMICAL_ALUMINIUM_OXIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_AMMONIA() @method static Item CHEMICAL_BARIUM_SULPHATE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_BENZENE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_BORON_TRIOXIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_CALCIUM_BROMIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_CALCIUM_CHLORIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_CERIUM_CHLORIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_CHARCOAL() @method static Item CHEMICAL_CRUDE_OIL() @method static Item CHEMICAL_GLUE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_HYDROGEN_PEROXIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_HYPOCHLORITE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_INK() @method static Item CHEMICAL_IRON_SULPHIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_LATEX() @method static Item CHEMICAL_LITHIUM_HYDRIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_LUMINOL() @method static Item CHEMICAL_MAGNESIUM_NITRATE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_MAGNESIUM_OXIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_MAGNESIUM_SALTS() @method static Item CHEMICAL_MERCURIC_CHLORIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_POLYETHYLENE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_POTASSIUM_CHLORIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_POTASSIUM_IODIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_RUBBISH() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SALT() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SOAP() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SODIUM_ACETATE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SODIUM_FLUORIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SODIUM_HYDRIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SODIUM_HYDROXIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SODIUM_HYPOCHLORITE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SODIUM_OXIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SUGAR() @method static Item CHEMICAL_SULPHATE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_TUNGSTEN_CHLORIDE() @method static Item CHEMICAL_WATER() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor CHERRY_SIGN() @method static ChorusFruit CHORUS_FRUIT() @method static Item CLAY() @method static Clock CLOCK() @method static Clownfish CLOWNFISH() @method static Coal COAL() @method static Item COAST_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static CocoaBeans COCOA_BEANS() @method static Compass COMPASS() @method static CookedChicken COOKED_CHICKEN() @method static CookedFish COOKED_FISH() @method static CookedMutton COOKED_MUTTON() @method static CookedPorkchop COOKED_PORKCHOP() @method static CookedRabbit COOKED_RABBIT() @method static CookedSalmon COOKED_SALMON() @method static Cookie COOKIE() @method static Item COPPER_INGOT() @method static CoralFan CORAL_FAN() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor CRIMSON_SIGN() @method static Boat DARK_OAK_BOAT() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor DARK_OAK_SIGN() @method static Item DIAMOND() @method static Axe DIAMOND_AXE() @method static Armor DIAMOND_BOOTS() @method static Armor DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE() @method static Armor DIAMOND_HELMET() @method static Hoe DIAMOND_HOE() @method static Armor DIAMOND_LEGGINGS() @method static Pickaxe DIAMOND_PICKAXE() @method static Shovel DIAMOND_SHOVEL() @method static Sword DIAMOND_SWORD() @method static Item DISC_FRAGMENT_5() @method static Item DRAGON_BREATH() @method static DriedKelp DRIED_KELP() @method static Item DUNE_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Dye DYE() @method static Item ECHO_SHARD() @method static Egg EGG() @method static Item EMERALD() @method static EnchantedBook ENCHANTED_BOOK() @method static GoldenAppleEnchanted ENCHANTED_GOLDEN_APPLE() @method static EnderPearl ENDER_PEARL() @method static ExperienceBottle EXPERIENCE_BOTTLE() @method static Item EYE_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Item FEATHER() @method static Item FERMENTED_SPIDER_EYE() @method static FireCharge FIRE_CHARGE() @method static FishingRod FISHING_ROD() @method static Item FLINT() @method static FlintSteel FLINT_AND_STEEL() @method static Item GHAST_TEAR() @method static GlassBottle GLASS_BOTTLE() @method static Item GLISTERING_MELON() @method static Item GLOWSTONE_DUST() @method static GlowBerries GLOW_BERRIES() @method static Item GLOW_INK_SAC() @method static GoldenApple GOLDEN_APPLE() @method static Axe GOLDEN_AXE() @method static Armor GOLDEN_BOOTS() @method static GoldenCarrot GOLDEN_CARROT() @method static Armor GOLDEN_CHESTPLATE() @method static Armor GOLDEN_HELMET() @method static Hoe GOLDEN_HOE() @method static Armor GOLDEN_LEGGINGS() @method static Pickaxe GOLDEN_PICKAXE() @method static Shovel GOLDEN_SHOVEL() @method static Sword GOLDEN_SWORD() @method static Item GOLD_INGOT() @method static Item GOLD_NUGGET() @method static Item GUNPOWDER() @method static Item HEART_OF_THE_SEA() @method static Item HONEYCOMB() @method static HoneyBottle HONEY_BOTTLE() @method static Item HOST_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Item INK_SAC() @method static Axe IRON_AXE() @method static Armor IRON_BOOTS() @method static Armor IRON_CHESTPLATE() @method static Armor IRON_HELMET() @method static Hoe IRON_HOE() @method static Item IRON_INGOT() @method static Armor IRON_LEGGINGS() @method static Item IRON_NUGGET() @method static Pickaxe IRON_PICKAXE() @method static Shovel IRON_SHOVEL() @method static Sword IRON_SWORD() @method static Boat JUNGLE_BOAT() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor JUNGLE_SIGN() @method static Item LAPIS_LAZULI() @method static LiquidBucket LAVA_BUCKET() @method static Item LEATHER() @method static Armor LEATHER_BOOTS() @method static Armor LEATHER_CAP() @method static Armor LEATHER_PANTS() @method static Armor LEATHER_TUNIC() @method static Item MAGMA_CREAM() @method static Boat MANGROVE_BOAT() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor MANGROVE_SIGN() @method static Medicine MEDICINE() @method static Melon MELON() @method static MelonSeeds MELON_SEEDS() @method static MilkBucket MILK_BUCKET() @method static Minecart MINECART() @method static MushroomStew MUSHROOM_STEW() @method static NameTag NAME_TAG() @method static Item NAUTILUS_SHELL() @method static Axe NETHERITE_AXE() @method static Armor NETHERITE_BOOTS() @method static Armor NETHERITE_CHESTPLATE() @method static Armor NETHERITE_HELMET() @method static Hoe NETHERITE_HOE() @method static Item NETHERITE_INGOT() @method static Armor NETHERITE_LEGGINGS() @method static Pickaxe NETHERITE_PICKAXE() @method static Item NETHERITE_SCRAP() @method static Shovel NETHERITE_SHOVEL() @method static Sword NETHERITE_SWORD() @method static Item NETHERITE_UPGRADE_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Item NETHER_BRICK() @method static Item NETHER_QUARTZ() @method static Item NETHER_STAR() @method static Boat OAK_BOAT() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor OAK_SIGN() @method static PaintingItem PAINTING() @method static Item PAPER() @method static Item PHANTOM_MEMBRANE() @method static PitcherPod PITCHER_POD() @method static PoisonousPotato POISONOUS_POTATO() @method static Item POPPED_CHORUS_FRUIT() @method static Potato POTATO() @method static Potion POTION() @method static Item PRISMARINE_CRYSTALS() @method static Item PRISMARINE_SHARD() @method static Pufferfish PUFFERFISH() @method static PumpkinPie PUMPKIN_PIE() @method static PumpkinSeeds PUMPKIN_SEEDS() @method static Item RABBIT_FOOT() @method static Item RABBIT_HIDE() @method static RabbitStew RABBIT_STEW() @method static Item RAISER_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static RawBeef RAW_BEEF() @method static RawChicken RAW_CHICKEN() @method static Item RAW_COPPER() @method static RawFish RAW_FISH() @method static Item RAW_GOLD() @method static Item RAW_IRON() @method static RawMutton RAW_MUTTON() @method static RawPorkchop RAW_PORKCHOP() @method static RawRabbit RAW_RABBIT() @method static RawSalmon RAW_SALMON() @method static Record RECORD_11() @method static Record RECORD_13() @method static Record RECORD_5() @method static Record RECORD_BLOCKS() @method static Record RECORD_CAT() @method static Record RECORD_CHIRP() @method static Record RECORD_FAR() @method static Record RECORD_MALL() @method static Record RECORD_MELLOHI() @method static Record RECORD_OTHERSIDE() @method static Record RECORD_PIGSTEP() @method static Record RECORD_STAL() @method static Record RECORD_STRAD() @method static Record RECORD_WAIT() @method static Record RECORD_WARD() @method static Redstone REDSTONE_DUST() @method static Item RIB_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static RottenFlesh ROTTEN_FLESH() @method static Item SCUTE() @method static Item SENTRY_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Item SHAPER_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Shears SHEARS() @method static Item SHULKER_SHELL() @method static Item SILENCE_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Item SLIMEBALL() @method static Item SNOUT_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Snowball SNOWBALL() @method static SpiderEye SPIDER_EYE() @method static Item SPIRE_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static SplashPotion SPLASH_POTION() @method static Boat SPRUCE_BOAT() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor SPRUCE_SIGN() @method static Spyglass SPYGLASS() @method static SpawnEgg SQUID_SPAWN_EGG() @method static Steak STEAK() @method static Stick STICK() @method static Axe STONE_AXE() @method static Hoe STONE_HOE() @method static Pickaxe STONE_PICKAXE() @method static Shovel STONE_SHOVEL() @method static Sword STONE_SWORD() @method static StringItem STRING() @method static Item SUGAR() @method static SuspiciousStew SUSPICIOUS_STEW() @method static SweetBerries SWEET_BERRIES() @method static Item TIDE_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static TorchflowerSeeds TORCHFLOWER_SEEDS() @method static Totem TOTEM() @method static TurtleHelmet TURTLE_HELMET() @method static Item VEX_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static SpawnEgg VILLAGER_SPAWN_EGG() @method static Item WARD_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static ItemBlockWallOrFloor WARPED_SIGN() @method static LiquidBucket WATER_BUCKET() @method static Item WAYFINDER_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Item WHEAT() @method static WheatSeeds WHEAT_SEEDS() @method static Item WILD_ARMOR_TRIM_SMITHING_TEMPLATE() @method static Axe WOODEN_AXE() @method static Hoe WOODEN_HOE() @method static Pickaxe WOODEN_PICKAXE() @method static Shovel WOODEN_SHOVEL() @method static Sword WOODEN_SWORD() @method static WritableBook WRITABLE_BOOK() @method static WrittenBook WRITTEN_BOOK() @method static SpawnEgg ZOMBIE_SPAWN_EGG()

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getAll()

static pocketmine\item\VanillaItems::getAll ( )
Item[] @phpstan-return array<string, Item>

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◆ register()

static pocketmine\item\VanillaItems::register ( string  $name,
Item  $item 

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◆ setup()

static pocketmine\item\VanillaItems::setup ( )

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