PocketMine-MP 5.15.1 git-5ef247620a7c6301a849b54e5ef1009217729fc8
Deprecated List
Member pocketmine::utils::EnumTrait
Use native PHP 8.1 enums instead. Use LegacyEnumShimTrait if you need to provide backwards compatible EnumTrait-like API for migrated enums.
Member pocketmine\block\Block::isSolid ()
TL;DR: Don't use this function. Its results are confusing and inconsistent.
Member pocketmine\block\SweetBerryBush::canBeSupportedBy (Block $block)
Class pocketmine\block\tile\Banner
Class pocketmine\block\tile\Comparator
Class pocketmine\block\tile\DaylightSensor
As per the wiki, this is an old hack to force daylight sensors to get updated every game tick. This is necessary to ensure that the daylight sensor's power output is always up to date with the current world time. It's theoretically possible to implement this without a blockentity, but this is here to ensure that vanilla can understand daylight sensors in worlds created by PM.
Class pocketmine\block\tile\FlowerPot
Class pocketmine\block\tile\GlowingItemFrame
Class pocketmine\block\tile\ItemFrame
Class pocketmine\block\tile\Lectern
Class pocketmine\block\tile\MobHead
Class pocketmine\block\tile\MonsterSpawner
Class pocketmine\block\tile\Note
Class pocketmine\block\tile\Sign
Member pocketmine\block\tile\Spawnable::isDirty ()
Member pocketmine\block\tile\Spawnable::setDirty (bool $dirty=true)
Class pocketmine\block\WeightedPressurePlateHeavy
Class pocketmine\block\WeightedPressurePlateLight
Member pocketmine\data\bedrock\block\upgrade\BlockStateUpgradeSchema::getVersionId ()
This is defined by Mojang, and therefore cannot be relied on. Use getSchemaId() instead for internal version management.
Member pocketmine\data\runtime\RuntimeDataDescriber::boundedInt (int $bits, int $min, int $max, int &$value)
Use RuntimeDataDescriber::boundedIntAuto() instead.
Member pocketmine\data\runtime\RuntimeDataDescriber::brewingStandSlots (array &$slots)
Use enumSet() instead.
Member pocketmine\data\runtime\RuntimeDataReader::boundedInt (int $bits, int $min, int $max, int &$value)
Use self::boundedIntAuto() instead.
Member pocketmine\data\runtime\RuntimeDataReader::brewingStandSlots (array &$slots)
Use enumSet() instead.
Member pocketmine\data\runtime\RuntimeDataSizeCalculator::boundedInt (int $bits, int $min, int $max, int &$value)
Use self::boundedIntAuto() instead.
Member pocketmine\data\runtime\RuntimeDataWriter::boundedInt (int $bits, int $min, int $max, int &$value)
Use self::boundedIntAuto() instead.
Member pocketmine\data\runtime\RuntimeDataWriter::brewingStandSlots (array &$slots)
Use enumSet() instead.
Class pocketmine\data\runtime\RuntimeEnumDescriber
Member pocketmine\entity\Entity::despawnFrom (Player $player, bool $send=true)
WARNING: This function DOES NOT permanently hide the entity from the player. As soon as the entity or player moves, the player will once again be able to see the entity.
Member pocketmine\entity\Entity::despawnFromAll ()
WARNING: This function DOES NOT permanently hide the entity from viewers. As soon as the entity or player moves, viewers will once again be able to see the entity.
Member pocketmine\item\enchantment\Enchantment::__construct (private Translatable|string $name, private int $rarity, private int $primaryItemFlags, private int $secondaryItemFlags, private int $maxLevel, ?\Closure $minEnchantingPower=null, private int $enchantingPowerRange=50)

Member pocketmine\item\enchantment\Enchantment::getPrimaryItemFlags ()
Member pocketmine\item\enchantment\Enchantment::getSecondaryItemFlags ()
Member pocketmine\item\enchantment\Enchantment::hasPrimaryItemType (int $flag)
Member pocketmine\item\enchantment\Enchantment::hasSecondaryItemType (int $flag)
Class pocketmine\item\enchantment\ItemFlags
Member pocketmine\item\enchantment\ProtectionEnchantment::__construct (Translatable|string $name, int $rarity, int $primaryItemFlags, int $secondaryItemFlags, int $maxLevel, float $typeModifier, ?array $applicableDamageTypes, ?\Closure $minEnchantingPower=null, int $enchantingPowerRange=50)

Member pocketmine\item\Item::equals (Item $item, bool $checkDamage=true, bool $checkCompound=true)
Class pocketmine\item\LegacyStringToItemParser
Member pocketmine\plugin\PluginBase::getResource (string $filename)
Prefer using standard PHP functions with PluginBase::getResourcePath(), like file_get_contents() or fopen().
Member pocketmine\scheduler\AsyncTask::cancelRun ()
Member pocketmine\scheduler\AsyncTask::hasCancelledRun ()
Member pocketmine\scheduler\AsyncTask::isCrashed ()
Member pocketmine\scheduler\AsyncTask::onError ()
No longer used
Member pocketmine\scheduler\AsyncWorker::getFromThreadStore (string $identifier)
Use static class properties instead.
Member pocketmine\scheduler\AsyncWorker::removeFromThreadStore (string $identifier)
Use static class properties instead.
Member pocketmine\scheduler\AsyncWorker::saveToThreadStore (string $identifier, mixed $value)
Use static class properties instead.
Member pocketmine\Server::getPlayerByPrefix (string $name)
This method's results are unpredictable. The string "Steve" will return the player named "SteveJobs", until another player named "SteveJ" joins the server, at which point it will return that player instead. Prefer filtering the results of Server::getOnlinePlayers() yourself.
Member pocketmine\utils\Process::kill (int $pid, bool $subprocesses=false)
Member pocketmine\wizard\SetupWizard::DEFAULT_NAME
Member pocketmine\wizard\SetupWizard::DEFAULT_PLAYERS
Member pocketmine\wizard\SetupWizard::DEFAULT_PORT
Member pocketmine\world\World::getChunkPlayers (int $chunkX, int $chunkZ)
WARNING: This function has a misleading name. Contrary to what the name might imply, this function DOES NOT return players who are IN a chunk, rather, it returns players who can SEE the chunk.
Member pocketmine\world\World::getCollisionBoxes (Entity $entity, AxisAlignedBB $bb, bool $entities=true)
Use World::getBlockCollisionBoxes() instead (alongside World::getCollidingEntities() if entity collision boxes are also required).