PocketMine-MP 5.15.1 git-5ef247620a7c6301a849b54e5ef1009217729fc8
pocketmine\VersionInfo Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static BUILD_NUMBER ()
static GIT_HASH ()
static VERSION ()

Public Attributes

const BASE_VERSION = "5.15.1"
const BUILD_CHANNEL = "stable"
const NAME = "PocketMine-MP"

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation


static pocketmine\VersionInfo::BUILD_NUMBER ( )

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static pocketmine\VersionInfo::GIT_HASH ( )

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static pocketmine\VersionInfo::VERSION ( )

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Member Data Documentation


const pocketmine\VersionInfo::BASE_VERSION = "5.15.1"

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const pocketmine\VersionInfo::BUILD_CHANNEL = "stable"

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const pocketmine\VersionInfo::IS_DEVELOPMENT_BUILD = true

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const pocketmine\VersionInfo::NAME = "PocketMine-MP"

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const pocketmine\VersionInfo::TAG_WORLD_DATA_VERSION = "PMMPDataVersion"

Name of the NBT tag used to store the world data version.

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const pocketmine\VersionInfo::WORLD_DATA_VERSION = 1

PocketMine-MP-specific version ID for world data. Used to determine what fixes need to be applied to old world data (e.g. stuff saved wrongly by past versions). This version supplements the Minecraft vanilla world version.

This should be bumped if any non-Mojang BC-breaking change or bug fix is made to world save data of any kind (entities, tiles, blocks, biomes etc.). For example, if PM accidentally saved a block with its facing value swapped, we would bump this, but not if Mojang did the same change.

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