PocketMine-MP 5.15.1 git-fb9a74e8799c71ed8292cfa53abe7a4c9204629d
pocketmine\event Namespace Reference


namespace  block
namespace  entity
namespace  inventory
namespace  player
namespace  plugin
namespace  server
namespace  world


interface  Cancellable
class  Event
class  EventPriority
class  HandlerList
class  HandlerListManager
interface  Listener
class  ListenerMethodTags
class  RegisteredListener
class  RegisteredListenerCache


 cancel ()
 isCancelled ()
 uncancel ()


trait CancellableTrait

Detailed Description

Event related classes

Function Documentation

◆ cancel()

pocketmine\event\cancel ( )

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◆ isCancelled()

pocketmine\event\isCancelled ( )

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◆ uncancel()

pocketmine\event\uncancel ( )

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Variable Documentation

◆ CancellableTrait

trait pocketmine::event\CancellableTrait
Initial value:
private $isCancelled = false

This trait provides a basic boolean-setter-style implementation for Cancellable to reduce boilerplate. The precise meaning of setCancelled is subject to definition by the class using this trait.

Implementors of Cancellable are not required to use this trait.

See also

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