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pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\PacketPool Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getPacket (string $buffer)
 getPacketById (int $pid)
 registerPacket (Packet $packet)

Static Public Member Functions

static getInstance ()

Protected Attributes

SplFixedArray $pool

Static Protected Attributes

static PacketPool $instance = null

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file PacketPool.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\PacketPool::__construct ( )

Definition at line 33 of file PacketPool.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getInstance()

static pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\PacketPool::getInstance ( )

Definition at line 23 of file PacketPool.php.

◆ getPacket()

pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\PacketPool::getPacket ( string  $buffer)

Definition at line 245 of file PacketPool.php.

Referenced by pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\serializer\PacketBatch\decodePackets().

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◆ getPacketById()

pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\PacketPool::getPacketById ( int  $pid)

Definition at line 238 of file PacketPool.php.

◆ registerPacket()

pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\PacketPool::registerPacket ( Packet  $packet)

Definition at line 234 of file PacketPool.php.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $instance

PacketPool pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\PacketPool::$instance = null

Definition at line 21 of file PacketPool.php.

◆ $pool

SplFixedArray pocketmine\network\mcpe\protocol\PacketPool::$pool

Definition at line 31 of file PacketPool.php.

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