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pocketmine\block\utils\SignText Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct (?array $lines=null, ?Color $baseColor=null, bool $glowing=false)
 getBaseColor ()
 getLine (int $index)
 getLines ()
 isGlowing ()

Static Public Member Functions

static fromBlob (string $blob, ?Color $baseColor=null, bool $glowing=false)

Public Attributes

const LINE_COUNT = 4

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

pocketmine\block\utils\SignText::__construct ( ?array  $lines = null,
?Color  $baseColor = null,
bool  $glowing = false 
string[] | null$linesindex-sensitive; keys 0-3 will be used, regardless of array order

InvalidArgumentException if the array size is greater than 4


InvalidArgumentException if invalid keys (out of bounds or string) are found in the array


InvalidArgumentException if any line is not valid UTF-8 or contains a newline

Definition at line 51 of file SignText.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromBlob()

static pocketmine\block\utils\SignText::fromBlob ( string  $blob,
?Color  $baseColor = null,
bool  $glowing = false 

Parses sign lines from the given string blob. TODO: add a strict mode for this


InvalidArgumentException if the text is not valid UTF-8

Definition at line 77 of file SignText.php.

◆ getBaseColor()

pocketmine\block\utils\SignText::getBaseColor ( )

Returns the base text color of sign. Color codes using the ยง escape character will override this color when used.

Definition at line 112 of file SignText.php.

◆ getLine()

pocketmine\block\utils\SignText::getLine ( int  $index)

Returns the sign line at the given offset.



Definition at line 104 of file SignText.php.

◆ getLines()

pocketmine\block\utils\SignText::getLines ( )

Returns an array of lines currently on the sign.


Definition at line 86 of file SignText.php.

◆ isGlowing()

pocketmine\block\utils\SignText::isGlowing ( )

Returns whether the sign text is glowing. When true, the text will have an outline (usually a darker tone of the base color, or white for black text), and will glow in the dark, making it readable without any light sources.

Definition at line 120 of file SignText.php.

Member Data Documentation


const pocketmine\block\utils\SignText::LINE_COUNT = 4

Definition at line 37 of file SignText.php.

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