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pocketmine\block\VanillaBlocks Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static getAll ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static register (string $name, Block $block)
static setup ()

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@method static WoodenButton ACACIA_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor ACACIA_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence ACACIA_FENCE() @method static FenceGate ACACIA_FENCE_GATE() @method static Leaves ACACIA_LEAVES() @method static Wood ACACIA_LOG() @method static Planks ACACIA_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate ACACIA_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static Sapling ACACIA_SAPLING() @method static FloorSign ACACIA_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab ACACIA_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs ACACIA_STAIRS() @method static WoodenTrapdoor ACACIA_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign ACACIA_WALL_SIGN() @method static Wood ACACIA_WOOD() @method static ActivatorRail ACTIVATOR_RAIL() @method static Air AIR() @method static Flower ALLIUM() @method static MushroomStem ALL_SIDED_MUSHROOM_STEM() @method static Opaque AMETHYST() @method static AmethystCluster AMETHYST_CLUSTER() @method static Opaque ANCIENT_DEBRIS() @method static Opaque ANDESITE() @method static Slab ANDESITE_SLAB() @method static Stair ANDESITE_STAIRS() @method static Wall ANDESITE_WALL() @method static Anvil ANVIL() @method static Leaves AZALEA_LEAVES() @method static Flower AZURE_BLUET() @method static Bamboo BAMBOO() @method static BambooSapling BAMBOO_SAPLING() @method static FloorBanner BANNER() @method static Barrel BARREL() @method static Transparent BARRIER() @method static SimplePillar BASALT() @method static Beacon BEACON() @method static Bed BED() @method static Bedrock BEDROCK() @method static Beetroot BEETROOTS() @method static Bell BELL() @method static BigDripleafHead BIG_DRIPLEAF_HEAD() @method static BigDripleafStem BIG_DRIPLEAF_STEM() @method static WoodenButton BIRCH_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor BIRCH_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence BIRCH_FENCE() @method static FenceGate BIRCH_FENCE_GATE() @method static Leaves BIRCH_LEAVES() @method static Wood BIRCH_LOG() @method static Planks BIRCH_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate BIRCH_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static Sapling BIRCH_SAPLING() @method static FloorSign BIRCH_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab BIRCH_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs BIRCH_STAIRS() @method static WoodenTrapdoor BIRCH_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign BIRCH_WALL_SIGN() @method static Wood BIRCH_WOOD() @method static Opaque BLACKSTONE() @method static Slab BLACKSTONE_SLAB() @method static Stair BLACKSTONE_STAIRS() @method static Wall BLACKSTONE_WALL() @method static Furnace BLAST_FURNACE() @method static BlueIce BLUE_ICE() @method static Flower BLUE_ORCHID() @method static Torch BLUE_TORCH() @method static BoneBlock BONE_BLOCK() @method static Bookshelf BOOKSHELF() @method static BrewingStand BREWING_STAND() @method static Opaque BRICKS() @method static Slab BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall BRICK_WALL() @method static BrownMushroom BROWN_MUSHROOM() @method static BrownMushroomBlock BROWN_MUSHROOM_BLOCK() @method static BuddingAmethyst BUDDING_AMETHYST() @method static Cactus CACTUS() @method static Cake CAKE() @method static CakeWithCandle CAKE_WITH_CANDLE() @method static CakeWithDyedCandle CAKE_WITH_DYED_CANDLE() @method static Opaque CALCITE() @method static Candle CANDLE() @method static Carpet CARPET() @method static Carrot CARROTS() @method static CartographyTable CARTOGRAPHY_TABLE() @method static CarvedPumpkin CARVED_PUMPKIN() @method static Cauldron CAULDRON() @method static CaveVines CAVE_VINES() @method static Chain CHAIN() @method static ChemicalHeat CHEMICAL_HEAT() @method static WoodenButton CHERRY_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor CHERRY_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence CHERRY_FENCE() @method static FenceGate CHERRY_FENCE_GATE() @method static Leaves CHERRY_LEAVES() @method static Wood CHERRY_LOG() @method static Planks CHERRY_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate CHERRY_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static FloorSign CHERRY_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab CHERRY_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs CHERRY_STAIRS() @method static WoodenTrapdoor CHERRY_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign CHERRY_WALL_SIGN() @method static Wood CHERRY_WOOD() @method static Chest CHEST() @method static ChiseledBookshelf CHISELED_BOOKSHELF() @method static Opaque CHISELED_DEEPSLATE() @method static Opaque CHISELED_NETHER_BRICKS() @method static Opaque CHISELED_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE() @method static SimplePillar CHISELED_QUARTZ() @method static Opaque CHISELED_RED_SANDSTONE() @method static Opaque CHISELED_SANDSTONE() @method static Opaque CHISELED_STONE_BRICKS() @method static ChorusFlower CHORUS_FLOWER() @method static ChorusPlant CHORUS_PLANT() @method static Clay CLAY() @method static Coal COAL() @method static CoalOre COAL_ORE() @method static Opaque COBBLED_DEEPSLATE() @method static Slab COBBLED_DEEPSLATE_SLAB() @method static Stair COBBLED_DEEPSLATE_STAIRS() @method static Wall COBBLED_DEEPSLATE_WALL() @method static Opaque COBBLESTONE() @method static Slab COBBLESTONE_SLAB() @method static Stair COBBLESTONE_STAIRS() @method static Wall COBBLESTONE_WALL() @method static Cobweb COBWEB() @method static CocoaBlock COCOA_POD() @method static ChemistryTable COMPOUND_CREATOR() @method static Concrete CONCRETE() @method static ConcretePowder CONCRETE_POWDER() @method static Copper COPPER() @method static CopperOre COPPER_ORE() @method static Coral CORAL() @method static CoralBlock CORAL_BLOCK() @method static FloorCoralFan CORAL_FAN() @method static Flower CORNFLOWER() @method static Opaque CRACKED_DEEPSLATE_BRICKS() @method static Opaque CRACKED_DEEPSLATE_TILES() @method static Opaque CRACKED_NETHER_BRICKS() @method static Opaque CRACKED_POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICKS() @method static Opaque CRACKED_STONE_BRICKS() @method static CraftingTable CRAFTING_TABLE() @method static WoodenButton CRIMSON_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor CRIMSON_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence CRIMSON_FENCE() @method static FenceGate CRIMSON_FENCE_GATE() @method static Wood CRIMSON_HYPHAE() @method static Planks CRIMSON_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate CRIMSON_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static NetherRoots CRIMSON_ROOTS() @method static FloorSign CRIMSON_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab CRIMSON_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs CRIMSON_STAIRS() @method static Wood CRIMSON_STEM() @method static WoodenTrapdoor CRIMSON_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign CRIMSON_WALL_SIGN() @method static Opaque CRYING_OBSIDIAN() @method static Copper CUT_COPPER() @method static CopperSlab CUT_COPPER_SLAB() @method static CopperStairs CUT_COPPER_STAIRS() @method static Opaque CUT_RED_SANDSTONE() @method static Slab CUT_RED_SANDSTONE_SLAB() @method static Opaque CUT_SANDSTONE() @method static Slab CUT_SANDSTONE_SLAB() @method static Flower DANDELION() @method static WoodenButton DARK_OAK_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor DARK_OAK_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence DARK_OAK_FENCE() @method static FenceGate DARK_OAK_FENCE_GATE() @method static Leaves DARK_OAK_LEAVES() @method static Wood DARK_OAK_LOG() @method static Planks DARK_OAK_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate DARK_OAK_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static Sapling DARK_OAK_SAPLING() @method static FloorSign DARK_OAK_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab DARK_OAK_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs DARK_OAK_STAIRS() @method static WoodenTrapdoor DARK_OAK_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign DARK_OAK_WALL_SIGN() @method static Wood DARK_OAK_WOOD() @method static Opaque DARK_PRISMARINE() @method static Slab DARK_PRISMARINE_SLAB() @method static Stair DARK_PRISMARINE_STAIRS() @method static DaylightSensor DAYLIGHT_SENSOR() @method static DeadBush DEAD_BUSH() @method static SimplePillar DEEPSLATE() @method static Opaque DEEPSLATE_BRICKS() @method static Slab DEEPSLATE_BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair DEEPSLATE_BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall DEEPSLATE_BRICK_WALL() @method static CoalOre DEEPSLATE_COAL_ORE() @method static CopperOre DEEPSLATE_COPPER_ORE() @method static DiamondOre DEEPSLATE_DIAMOND_ORE() @method static EmeraldOre DEEPSLATE_EMERALD_ORE() @method static GoldOre DEEPSLATE_GOLD_ORE() @method static IronOre DEEPSLATE_IRON_ORE() @method static LapisOre DEEPSLATE_LAPIS_LAZULI_ORE() @method static RedstoneOre DEEPSLATE_REDSTONE_ORE() @method static Opaque DEEPSLATE_TILES() @method static Slab DEEPSLATE_TILE_SLAB() @method static Stair DEEPSLATE_TILE_STAIRS() @method static Wall DEEPSLATE_TILE_WALL() @method static DetectorRail DETECTOR_RAIL() @method static Opaque DIAMOND() @method static DiamondOre DIAMOND_ORE() @method static Opaque DIORITE() @method static Slab DIORITE_SLAB() @method static Stair DIORITE_STAIRS() @method static Wall DIORITE_WALL() @method static Dirt DIRT() @method static DoublePitcherCrop DOUBLE_PITCHER_CROP() @method static DoubleTallGrass DOUBLE_TALLGRASS() @method static DragonEgg DRAGON_EGG() @method static DriedKelp DRIED_KELP() @method static DyedCandle DYED_CANDLE() @method static DyedShulkerBox DYED_SHULKER_BOX() @method static Element ELEMENT_ACTINIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_ALUMINUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_AMERICIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_ANTIMONY() @method static Element ELEMENT_ARGON() @method static Element ELEMENT_ARSENIC() @method static Element ELEMENT_ASTATINE() @method static Element ELEMENT_BARIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_BERKELIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_BERYLLIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_BISMUTH() @method static Element ELEMENT_BOHRIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_BORON() @method static Element ELEMENT_BROMINE() @method static Element ELEMENT_CADMIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_CALCIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_CALIFORNIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_CARBON() @method static Element ELEMENT_CERIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_CESIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_CHLORINE() @method static Element ELEMENT_CHROMIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_COBALT() @method static ChemistryTable ELEMENT_CONSTRUCTOR() @method static Element ELEMENT_COPERNICIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_COPPER() @method static Element ELEMENT_CURIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_DARMSTADTIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_DUBNIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_DYSPROSIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_EINSTEINIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_ERBIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_EUROPIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_FERMIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_FLEROVIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_FLUORINE() @method static Element ELEMENT_FRANCIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_GADOLINIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_GALLIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_GERMANIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_GOLD() @method static Element ELEMENT_HAFNIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_HASSIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_HELIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_HOLMIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_HYDROGEN() @method static Element ELEMENT_INDIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_IODINE() @method static Element ELEMENT_IRIDIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_IRON() @method static Element ELEMENT_KRYPTON() @method static Element ELEMENT_LANTHANUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_LAWRENCIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_LEAD() @method static Element ELEMENT_LITHIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_LIVERMORIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_LUTETIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_MAGNESIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_MANGANESE() @method static Element ELEMENT_MEITNERIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_MENDELEVIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_MERCURY() @method static Element ELEMENT_MOLYBDENUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_MOSCOVIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_NEODYMIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_NEON() @method static Element ELEMENT_NEPTUNIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_NICKEL() @method static Element ELEMENT_NIHONIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_NIOBIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_NITROGEN() @method static Element ELEMENT_NOBELIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_OGANESSON() @method static Element ELEMENT_OSMIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_OXYGEN() @method static Element ELEMENT_PALLADIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_PHOSPHORUS() @method static Element ELEMENT_PLATINUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_PLUTONIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_POLONIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_POTASSIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_PRASEODYMIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_PROMETHIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_PROTACTINIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_RADIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_RADON() @method static Element ELEMENT_RHENIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_RHODIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_ROENTGENIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_RUBIDIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_RUTHENIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_RUTHERFORDIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_SAMARIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_SCANDIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_SEABORGIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_SELENIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_SILICON() @method static Element ELEMENT_SILVER() @method static Element ELEMENT_SODIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_STRONTIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_SULFUR() @method static Element ELEMENT_TANTALUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_TECHNETIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_TELLURIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_TENNESSINE() @method static Element ELEMENT_TERBIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_THALLIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_THORIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_THULIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_TIN() @method static Element ELEMENT_TITANIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_TUNGSTEN() @method static Element ELEMENT_URANIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_VANADIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_XENON() @method static Element ELEMENT_YTTERBIUM() @method static Element ELEMENT_YTTRIUM() @method static Opaque ELEMENT_ZERO() @method static Element ELEMENT_ZINC() @method static Element ELEMENT_ZIRCONIUM() @method static Opaque EMERALD() @method static EmeraldOre EMERALD_ORE() @method static EnchantingTable ENCHANTING_TABLE() @method static EnderChest ENDER_CHEST() @method static EndPortalFrame END_PORTAL_FRAME() @method static EndRod END_ROD() @method static Opaque END_STONE() @method static Opaque END_STONE_BRICKS() @method static Slab END_STONE_BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair END_STONE_BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall END_STONE_BRICK_WALL() @method static Slab FAKE_WOODEN_SLAB() @method static Farmland FARMLAND() @method static TallGrass FERN() @method static Fire FIRE() @method static FletchingTable FLETCHING_TABLE() @method static Leaves FLOWERING_AZALEA_LEAVES() @method static FlowerPot FLOWER_POT() @method static Froglight FROGLIGHT() @method static FrostedIce FROSTED_ICE() @method static Furnace FURNACE() @method static GildedBlackstone GILDED_BLACKSTONE() @method static Glass GLASS() @method static GlassPane GLASS_PANE() @method static GlazedTerracotta GLAZED_TERRACOTTA() @method static ItemFrame GLOWING_ITEM_FRAME() @method static GlowingObsidian GLOWING_OBSIDIAN() @method static Glowstone GLOWSTONE() @method static GlowLichen GLOW_LICHEN() @method static Opaque GOLD() @method static GoldOre GOLD_ORE() @method static Opaque GRANITE() @method static Slab GRANITE_SLAB() @method static Stair GRANITE_STAIRS() @method static Wall GRANITE_WALL() @method static Grass GRASS() @method static GrassPath GRASS_PATH() @method static Gravel GRAVEL() @method static Torch GREEN_TORCH() @method static HangingRoots HANGING_ROOTS() @method static HardenedClay HARDENED_CLAY() @method static HardenedGlass HARDENED_GLASS() @method static HardenedGlassPane HARDENED_GLASS_PANE() @method static HayBale HAY_BALE() @method static Opaque HONEYCOMB() @method static Hopper HOPPER() @method static Ice ICE() @method static InfestedStone INFESTED_CHISELED_STONE_BRICK() @method static InfestedStone INFESTED_COBBLESTONE() @method static InfestedStone INFESTED_CRACKED_STONE_BRICK() @method static InfestedStone INFESTED_MOSSY_STONE_BRICK() @method static InfestedStone INFESTED_STONE() @method static InfestedStone INFESTED_STONE_BRICK() @method static Opaque INFO_UPDATE() @method static Opaque INFO_UPDATE2() @method static Transparent INVISIBLE_BEDROCK() @method static Opaque IRON() @method static Thin IRON_BARS() @method static Door IRON_DOOR() @method static IronOre IRON_ORE() @method static Trapdoor IRON_TRAPDOOR() @method static ItemFrame ITEM_FRAME() @method static Jukebox JUKEBOX() @method static WoodenButton JUNGLE_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor JUNGLE_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence JUNGLE_FENCE() @method static FenceGate JUNGLE_FENCE_GATE() @method static Leaves JUNGLE_LEAVES() @method static Wood JUNGLE_LOG() @method static Planks JUNGLE_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate JUNGLE_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static Sapling JUNGLE_SAPLING() @method static FloorSign JUNGLE_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab JUNGLE_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs JUNGLE_STAIRS() @method static WoodenTrapdoor JUNGLE_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign JUNGLE_WALL_SIGN() @method static Wood JUNGLE_WOOD() @method static ChemistryTable LAB_TABLE() @method static Ladder LADDER() @method static Lantern LANTERN() @method static Opaque LAPIS_LAZULI() @method static LapisOre LAPIS_LAZULI_ORE() @method static DoubleTallGrass LARGE_FERN() @method static Lava LAVA() @method static LavaCauldron LAVA_CAULDRON() @method static Lectern LECTERN() @method static Opaque LEGACY_STONECUTTER() @method static Lever LEVER() @method static Light LIGHT() @method static LightningRod LIGHTNING_ROD() @method static DoublePlant LILAC() @method static Flower LILY_OF_THE_VALLEY() @method static WaterLily LILY_PAD() @method static LitPumpkin LIT_PUMPKIN() @method static Loom LOOM() @method static Magma MAGMA() @method static WoodenButton MANGROVE_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor MANGROVE_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence MANGROVE_FENCE() @method static FenceGate MANGROVE_FENCE_GATE() @method static Leaves MANGROVE_LEAVES() @method static Wood MANGROVE_LOG() @method static Planks MANGROVE_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate MANGROVE_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static MangroveRoots MANGROVE_ROOTS() @method static FloorSign MANGROVE_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab MANGROVE_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs MANGROVE_STAIRS() @method static WoodenTrapdoor MANGROVE_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign MANGROVE_WALL_SIGN() @method static Wood MANGROVE_WOOD() @method static ChemistryTable MATERIAL_REDUCER() @method static Melon MELON() @method static MelonStem MELON_STEM() @method static MobHead MOB_HEAD() @method static MonsterSpawner MONSTER_SPAWNER() @method static Opaque MOSSY_COBBLESTONE() @method static Slab MOSSY_COBBLESTONE_SLAB() @method static Stair MOSSY_COBBLESTONE_STAIRS() @method static Wall MOSSY_COBBLESTONE_WALL() @method static Opaque MOSSY_STONE_BRICKS() @method static Slab MOSSY_STONE_BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair MOSSY_STONE_BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall MOSSY_STONE_BRICK_WALL() @method static Opaque MUD() @method static SimplePillar MUDDY_MANGROVE_ROOTS() @method static Opaque MUD_BRICKS() @method static Slab MUD_BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair MUD_BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall MUD_BRICK_WALL() @method static MushroomStem MUSHROOM_STEM() @method static Mycelium MYCELIUM() @method static Opaque NETHERITE() @method static Netherrack NETHERRACK() @method static Opaque NETHER_BRICKS() @method static Fence NETHER_BRICK_FENCE() @method static Slab NETHER_BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair NETHER_BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall NETHER_BRICK_WALL() @method static NetherGoldOre NETHER_GOLD_ORE() @method static NetherPortal NETHER_PORTAL() @method static NetherQuartzOre NETHER_QUARTZ_ORE() @method static NetherReactor NETHER_REACTOR_CORE() @method static NetherWartPlant NETHER_WART() @method static Opaque NETHER_WART_BLOCK() @method static Note NOTE_BLOCK() @method static WoodenButton OAK_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor OAK_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence OAK_FENCE() @method static FenceGate OAK_FENCE_GATE() @method static Leaves OAK_LEAVES() @method static Wood OAK_LOG() @method static Planks OAK_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate OAK_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static Sapling OAK_SAPLING() @method static FloorSign OAK_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab OAK_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs OAK_STAIRS() @method static WoodenTrapdoor OAK_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign OAK_WALL_SIGN() @method static Wood OAK_WOOD() @method static Opaque OBSIDIAN() @method static Flower ORANGE_TULIP() @method static Flower OXEYE_DAISY() @method static PackedIce PACKED_ICE() @method static Opaque PACKED_MUD() @method static DoublePlant PEONY() @method static PinkPetals PINK_PETALS() @method static Flower PINK_TULIP() @method static PitcherCrop PITCHER_CROP() @method static DoublePlant PITCHER_PLANT() @method static Podzol PODZOL() @method static Opaque POLISHED_ANDESITE() @method static Slab POLISHED_ANDESITE_SLAB() @method static Stair POLISHED_ANDESITE_STAIRS() @method static SimplePillar POLISHED_BASALT() @method static Opaque POLISHED_BLACKSTONE() @method static Opaque POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICKS() @method static Slab POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BRICK_WALL() @method static StoneButton POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_BUTTON() @method static StonePressurePlate POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static Slab POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_SLAB() @method static Stair POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_STAIRS() @method static Wall POLISHED_BLACKSTONE_WALL() @method static Opaque POLISHED_DEEPSLATE() @method static Slab POLISHED_DEEPSLATE_SLAB() @method static Stair POLISHED_DEEPSLATE_STAIRS() @method static Wall POLISHED_DEEPSLATE_WALL() @method static Opaque POLISHED_DIORITE() @method static Slab POLISHED_DIORITE_SLAB() @method static Stair POLISHED_DIORITE_STAIRS() @method static Opaque POLISHED_GRANITE() @method static Slab POLISHED_GRANITE_SLAB() @method static Stair POLISHED_GRANITE_STAIRS() @method static Flower POPPY() @method static Potato POTATOES() @method static PotionCauldron POTION_CAULDRON() @method static PoweredRail POWERED_RAIL() @method static Opaque PRISMARINE() @method static Opaque PRISMARINE_BRICKS() @method static Slab PRISMARINE_BRICKS_SLAB() @method static Stair PRISMARINE_BRICKS_STAIRS() @method static Slab PRISMARINE_SLAB() @method static Stair PRISMARINE_STAIRS() @method static Wall PRISMARINE_WALL() @method static Pumpkin PUMPKIN() @method static PumpkinStem PUMPKIN_STEM() @method static Torch PURPLE_TORCH() @method static Opaque PURPUR() @method static SimplePillar PURPUR_PILLAR() @method static Slab PURPUR_SLAB() @method static Stair PURPUR_STAIRS() @method static Opaque QUARTZ() @method static Opaque QUARTZ_BRICKS() @method static SimplePillar QUARTZ_PILLAR() @method static Slab QUARTZ_SLAB() @method static Stair QUARTZ_STAIRS() @method static Rail RAIL() @method static Opaque RAW_COPPER() @method static Opaque RAW_GOLD() @method static Opaque RAW_IRON() @method static Redstone REDSTONE() @method static RedstoneComparator REDSTONE_COMPARATOR() @method static RedstoneLamp REDSTONE_LAMP() @method static RedstoneOre REDSTONE_ORE() @method static RedstoneRepeater REDSTONE_REPEATER() @method static RedstoneTorch REDSTONE_TORCH() @method static RedstoneWire REDSTONE_WIRE() @method static RedMushroom RED_MUSHROOM() @method static RedMushroomBlock RED_MUSHROOM_BLOCK() @method static Opaque RED_NETHER_BRICKS() @method static Slab RED_NETHER_BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair RED_NETHER_BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall RED_NETHER_BRICK_WALL() @method static Sand RED_SAND() @method static Opaque RED_SANDSTONE() @method static Slab RED_SANDSTONE_SLAB() @method static Stair RED_SANDSTONE_STAIRS() @method static Wall RED_SANDSTONE_WALL() @method static Torch RED_TORCH() @method static Flower RED_TULIP() @method static Opaque REINFORCED_DEEPSLATE() @method static Reserved6 RESERVED6() @method static DoublePlant ROSE_BUSH() @method static Sand SAND() @method static Opaque SANDSTONE() @method static Slab SANDSTONE_SLAB() @method static Stair SANDSTONE_STAIRS() @method static Wall SANDSTONE_WALL() @method static Sculk SCULK() @method static SeaLantern SEA_LANTERN() @method static SeaPickle SEA_PICKLE() @method static Opaque SHROOMLIGHT() @method static ShulkerBox SHULKER_BOX() @method static Slime SLIME() @method static SmallDripleaf SMALL_DRIPLEAF() @method static SmithingTable SMITHING_TABLE() @method static Furnace SMOKER() @method static Opaque SMOOTH_BASALT() @method static Opaque SMOOTH_QUARTZ() @method static Slab SMOOTH_QUARTZ_SLAB() @method static Stair SMOOTH_QUARTZ_STAIRS() @method static Opaque SMOOTH_RED_SANDSTONE() @method static Slab SMOOTH_RED_SANDSTONE_SLAB() @method static Stair SMOOTH_RED_SANDSTONE_STAIRS() @method static Opaque SMOOTH_SANDSTONE() @method static Slab SMOOTH_SANDSTONE_SLAB() @method static Stair SMOOTH_SANDSTONE_STAIRS() @method static Opaque SMOOTH_STONE() @method static Slab SMOOTH_STONE_SLAB() @method static Snow SNOW() @method static SnowLayer SNOW_LAYER() @method static SoulFire SOUL_FIRE() @method static Lantern SOUL_LANTERN() @method static SoulSand SOUL_SAND() @method static Opaque SOUL_SOIL() @method static Torch SOUL_TORCH() @method static Sponge SPONGE() @method static SporeBlossom SPORE_BLOSSOM() @method static WoodenButton SPRUCE_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor SPRUCE_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence SPRUCE_FENCE() @method static FenceGate SPRUCE_FENCE_GATE() @method static Leaves SPRUCE_LEAVES() @method static Wood SPRUCE_LOG() @method static Planks SPRUCE_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate SPRUCE_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static Sapling SPRUCE_SAPLING() @method static FloorSign SPRUCE_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab SPRUCE_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs SPRUCE_STAIRS() @method static WoodenTrapdoor SPRUCE_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign SPRUCE_WALL_SIGN() @method static Wood SPRUCE_WOOD() @method static StainedHardenedClay STAINED_CLAY() @method static StainedGlass STAINED_GLASS() @method static StainedGlassPane STAINED_GLASS_PANE() @method static StainedHardenedGlass STAINED_HARDENED_GLASS() @method static StainedHardenedGlassPane STAINED_HARDENED_GLASS_PANE() @method static Opaque STONE() @method static Stonecutter STONECUTTER() @method static Opaque STONE_BRICKS() @method static Slab STONE_BRICK_SLAB() @method static Stair STONE_BRICK_STAIRS() @method static Wall STONE_BRICK_WALL() @method static StoneButton STONE_BUTTON() @method static StonePressurePlate STONE_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static Slab STONE_SLAB() @method static Stair STONE_STAIRS() @method static Sugarcane SUGARCANE() @method static DoublePlant SUNFLOWER() @method static SweetBerryBush SWEET_BERRY_BUSH() @method static TallGrass TALL_GRASS() @method static TintedGlass TINTED_GLASS() @method static TNT TNT() @method static Torch TORCH() @method static Flower TORCHFLOWER() @method static TorchflowerCrop TORCHFLOWER_CROP() @method static TrappedChest TRAPPED_CHEST() @method static Tripwire TRIPWIRE() @method static TripwireHook TRIPWIRE_HOOK() @method static Opaque TUFF() @method static NetherVines TWISTING_VINES() @method static UnderwaterTorch UNDERWATER_TORCH() @method static Vine VINES() @method static WallBanner WALL_BANNER() @method static WallCoralFan WALL_CORAL_FAN() @method static WoodenButton WARPED_BUTTON() @method static WoodenDoor WARPED_DOOR() @method static WoodenFence WARPED_FENCE() @method static FenceGate WARPED_FENCE_GATE() @method static Wood WARPED_HYPHAE() @method static Planks WARPED_PLANKS() @method static WoodenPressurePlate WARPED_PRESSURE_PLATE() @method static NetherRoots WARPED_ROOTS() @method static FloorSign WARPED_SIGN() @method static WoodenSlab WARPED_SLAB() @method static WoodenStairs WARPED_STAIRS() @method static Wood WARPED_STEM() @method static WoodenTrapdoor WARPED_TRAPDOOR() @method static WallSign WARPED_WALL_SIGN() @method static Opaque WARPED_WART_BLOCK() @method static Water WATER() @method static WaterCauldron WATER_CAULDRON() @method static NetherVines WEEPING_VINES() @method static WeightedPressurePlateHeavy WEIGHTED_PRESSURE_PLATE_HEAVY() @method static WeightedPressurePlateLight WEIGHTED_PRESSURE_PLATE_LIGHT() @method static Wheat WHEAT() @method static Flower WHITE_TULIP() @method static WitherRose WITHER_ROSE() @method static Wool WOOL()

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getAll()

static pocketmine\block\VanillaBlocks::getAll ( )
Block[] @phpstan-return array<string, Block>

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◆ register()

static pocketmine\block\VanillaBlocks::register ( string  $name,
Block  $block 

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◆ setup()

static pocketmine\block\VanillaBlocks::setup ( )

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