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pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 fromStateId (int $stateId)
 getAllKnownStates ()
 register (Block $block)

Public Attributes

array $blastResistance = []
array $blocksDirectSkyLight = []
array $light = []
array $lightFilter = []

Detailed Description

Blocks are stored as state IDs in chunks at runtime (it would waste far too much memory to represent every block as an object). This class maps block state IDs to their corresponding block objects when reading blocks from chunks at runtime.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry::__construct ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ fromStateId()

pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry::fromStateId ( int  $stateId)

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◆ getAllKnownStates()

pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry::getAllKnownStates ( )

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◆ register()

pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry::register ( Block  $block)

Maps a block type's state permutations to its corresponding state IDs. This is necessary for the block to be recognized when fetching it by its state ID from chunks at runtime.


InvalidArgumentException if the desired block type ID is already registered

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Member Data Documentation

◆ $blastResistance

array pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry::$blastResistance = []

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◆ $blocksDirectSkyLight

array pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry::$blocksDirectSkyLight = []

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◆ $light

array pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry::$light = []

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◆ $lightFilter

array pocketmine\block\RuntimeBlockStateRegistry::$lightFilter = []

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