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pocketmine\utils\Git Class Reference
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Static Public Member Functions

static getRepositoryState (string $dir, bool &$dirty)
static getRepositoryStatePretty (string $dir)

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◆ getRepositoryState()

static pocketmine\utils\Git::getRepositoryState ( string  $dir,
bool &  $dirty 

Returns the git hash of the currently checked out head of the given repository, or null on failure.

bool$dirtyreference parameter, set to whether the repo has local changes

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References pocketmine\utils\Process\execute().

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◆ getRepositoryStatePretty()

static pocketmine\utils\Git::getRepositoryStatePretty ( string  $dir)

Infallible, returns a string representing git state, or a string of zeros on failure. If the repo is dirty, a "-dirty" suffix is added.

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